Compost Tea Anyone?

Compost tea…  If you’re into organic farming, or you have friends who are, you’ve probably heard about it.  Compost tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to “big bag” commercial fertilizers, which are often packed full of questionable chemicals.

And it’s a subject that’s become quite controversial, too, with plenty of anecdotes and studies claiming everything from “miracle plant food” to “no additional effect.”  Plus there are many different ways to make it, different source composts to use, and other variables which ensure plenty of people are arguing over the benefits of compost tea versus traditional compost.

So what makes Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea different?  It’s a matter of looking at both what it is, and what it is not.

Back To Basics:  What Is Compost Tea?

When we’re talking about basic compost tea, pretty much all one needs to make some is a pile of compost, a thin-mesh bag to put it in, some water, and a warm room.  Just like regular tea, you soak the compost in the water for awhile so that its contents leech into the water, and you have yourself compost tea.  It’s filled with the same microorganisms and minerals in the compost, but in a conveniently sprayable form.

Technically, just about anyone can make their own compost tea at home, assuming they’ve got the materials and don’t mind handling a lot of compost.  It can take days or weeks to make a batch, however, and it has a tendency to lose potency quickly.  Fresh compost tea generally needs to be used almost immediately after “brewing.”

Of course, this brings up a fairly obvious question, one which many DIY compost tea enthusiasts have a hard time answering:  If you’ve already got compost lying around, why not just fertilize with that?   There are various claims of compost tea being better than its source material, but very little hard evidence that this is the case.

And this is where Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea veers away from the debate.  We’ll let the solid vs liquid compost folks debate the merits of their approaches without us.

Instant Compost Tea:  No Muss, No Fuss

At Organic Plant Magic, our goal was different:  Using compost tea to bring the benefits of compost to everyone, no matter where they live or what materials they have access to.  After all, if you’re trying to grow a small garden on your rooftop or patio, you’re going to be working with limited space.  Plus, you may simply not want smelly compost or fertilizer lying around.

We have a proprietary process for creating compost tea and dehydrating it into a powder, but without losing the beneficial microorganisms and nutrients of compost.  It is go-anywhere compost, in a convenient and nearly scent-free bagged form, ready to re-activate once it’s hydrated.

All you need is to add one tablespoon of Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea to a gallon of water, and you’ve got a fresh batch of compost tea that’s ready to use on any plants you might be growing.  Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be mixed with water.  When first potting a plant, for example, we recommend applying a tablespoon directly to the root area, then giving it a good watering.

That’s all there is to it.  Instant Compost Tea brings you all the benefits of compost -or home-brewed compost tea- in a convenient form that’s perfect for anyone who’s trying to garden in a confined area.

It’s affordable, it’s simple, and it produces amazing results.