Benefits of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

basket of organic produce

From urban gardeners to Agri-careers, the movement to grow organic fruits and vegetables has increased tenfold. Finding new and innovative ways to grow natural produce is leading to healthier, tastier foods, but there are implications that will also be felt for generations to come.

As studies reveal the negative effects of chemically enhanced farming, the push to cultivate organic foods has become a hot-button topic in gardening and agriculture. More personal gardens and individual horticulturists are finding the benefits of growing organic plants outweigh the need to use pesticides and genetically engineered byproducts.

Why Grow Organic?

Vitamins A-Z
Well maybe not spanning the entire alphabet, but it’s been proven that organic foods are far richer in nutrients than those containing GMOs. Cultivating more vitamins and minerals with each harvest, organic plants hold more essential vitamins than those genetically manufactured and chemically treated. In a published study, by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary seedlingsMedicine, comparing the nutritional value of organic versus chemically grown fruits, vegetables, and grains, it was concluded that there are “significantly more of several nutrients in organic crop foods.”

Healthier = Happier
You’ve heard the old adage (or rather ad campaign out of Madison Ave) “Put Good In, Get Good Out.” Truth be told, there have been a number of studies and reasoning behind this. And, when you eat all-natural, organic foods and avoid harmful chemicals, your body rewards you with vitality – leading to more activity and productivity, which some would argue results in a happier daily life. With beneficial microorganisms in organic soil that fortify foods, bodies absorb more of the essential nutrients it needs to boost energy and stay healthy.

ECO Logic
We’ve eluded to how organic growing and gardening can reverse the long-term implications and negative impact on our delicate eco-system. And here’s why. Right now, genetically modified organisms or chemically treated growth is contaminating the Earth’s soil destroying fertile land and polluting water supplies. From insects to wildlife, each living creature plays a role in the biology of the environment. Toxicities in the ground and in springs from GMOs taint the natural balance interfering and destroying our living environment. Organic, all-natural living supports the raw materials in the ground our environment relies on. By producing more beneficial microorganisms from organic gardening, we will be invigorating the minerals found in soil. Thus, stimulating growth of healthier foods, and providing a fortified eco-system to restore a natural balance for future generations.

Chemical Cocktail Anyone?

According to a report in The National Academy of Sciences, it was revealed that 90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for long-term health effects before being deemed “safe.” Furthermore, the FDA only tests approximately 1% of foods for pesticide residue.

With this in mind, avoiding GMOs and toxic, potentially lethal pesticides by growing organic produce will minimize potential effects of chemical poisons being used in engineered foods. Choosing an all-natural, organic lifestyle is the only way to prevent harmful toxins from entering your body.

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Instant compost tea, and natural fertilizers will help you cultivate organic plants, flowers, and foods. As gardeners discover how easy it can be to use natural growing methods, versus treatment with harsh substances and compounds, they reap the benefits of lush plants, and healthier produce.

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