The countdown to the holidays has started. For some, there’s a small stockpile of tokens and trinkets set aside that have been strategically acquired throughout the year. However, for the vast majority – let the shopping games begin.

Whether you consider this season to be a fun-filled shopper’s paradise or the most stressful time of the year, we’ve got a list of top gift ideas for the gardening enthusiast in your life.

5) Tools of the trade
Equip the gardener in your life with new swag. Gardening gear comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. A set of essentials including hand shovels and rakes, a decorative basket for harvesting, and even a planter with seeds will go a long way with both the backyard and urban gardener. From tools to totes, your grower will make good use of these gifts.earthenware-1475456_1920

4) Distinctive & Decorative
If you’re looking to make a statement with a token for the grower that has just about everything, personalized and stylized gifts may be what you’re looking for. Hand-blown glass watering balls are a delicate, yet functional and sophisticated way to surprise a gardener. A customized garden flag with the individual’s name, unique saying, picture, or seed names indicating what is being grown can enhance gardening beds. Or, take a stroll through an antique market for vintage pots and planters. Consider traditional gifts with contemporary flair.

3) Unique & Whimsical
Oddly eccentric, quirky, and fanciful. Consider one-of-a-kind trinkets and uncommon presents that are sure to bring a smile. From expressive features for trees to melodic wind chimes, fairy houses to figurines, and stepping stones to small statuettes, add a bit of whimsy and personality to someone’s backyard garhummingbird-1498078_1920den.

2) Going to the Birds

Wildlife can both heighten and hinder an organic garden. The splendor of native and exotic birds flocking to a garden enhances the raw beauty of nature – unless of course they are obstructing growth and consuming seeds. Birdhouses, decorative feeders, and even bird baths are a thoughtful gift for gardeners looking to attract all sorts of feathered friends while peacefully coexisting with nature.

1) The 2016 Must-Havekit-2-002
Every year there is a featured gift that people try to get their hands on. From cutting-edge technology and innovation to function and style, it’s the one popular item the gardening enthusiast in your life is hoping to receive. And this season’s must-have goes a long way. The Organic Plant Magic Grower’s Kit and the Deluxe Grower’s Kit are the gifts that keeps on giving. It’s the perfect way to help an expert or novice gardener grow all-natural, lush plants fast. Flowers bloom bigger and more fragrant. Organic fruits vegetables are cultivated quicker, with deeper flavors complete with more vitamins and minerals. Grab the Organic Plant Magic grower’s kit while supplies last. It’s an ideal gift that complements any grower’s style.