Grow Early. Grow Often. – Tips for Preparing Organic Gardens for Planting


Spring is in the air. Well, almost. Time to get those organic garden’s going and start prepping for a fruitful (or vegetable full, depending on your preference) harvest.

Whether you bloom fragrant flowers, or cultivate organic produce for a self-sustaining, healthy lifestyle, Organic Plant Magic has tips to help prepare you for spring planting.

  • De-weed
    Tackle unwanted growth from the ground up. Don’t give weeds a chance to deeply root in thawed soil. Now is the time to pluck menacing shrubs from flower beds and gardens before nurturing new seedlings. The last thing you want is overgrowth of unwanted foliage. Get ahead of it, before it gets ahead of you. Start pulling and don’t stop until you see roots.
  • Rake, Rattle, & Rollhoe
    Who’s ready for a hoe down? Rake the old to ready for new. Break out the tools of the trade and start clearing some brush. Prune, trim, and sweep away winter’s sacrificial foliage by removing all the shriveled and dead leaves to make way for new life.
  • Toil the Soil
    Time to get down and dirty in bed – the flower bed that is. Let your hands be your guide as you unearth healthy, nutrient-rich dirt from below ground. Dig and kneed. Go low, go deep. Work the soil so it’s ready for planting. Be prepared to uncover what lies beneath.
  • Spot Check
    Location, location, location. Where to place those perennials? How to sun-soak the seedlings? From drenching and draining to shielding in shade, creating an appropriate plot plan for plants can help them thrive. Strategic positioning should be part of your prep list. Whether it’s high and dry or someplace wet and wild, picking the right spot should be based on the type of plants you are growing.
  • Feed the Need
    Yum time. Fertilizer is a plant’s food source. However, coming up with natural, eco-friendly ways to enrich soil and maintain your earth, like composting, can be time consuming and labor-intensive. But, plants gotta eat. Thanks to science, technology, and innovation, instant compost tea is a reality (and a saving grace) for organic gardeners, farmers, and the agriculturalists. With minimal application and even less effort, you can prep flower beds and nourish your plants with nutrient-rich food that improves the soil as it is absorbed.

As you prepare to plant this spring, learn more about the Beneficial MicroOrganisms in Organic Plant Magic that is revolutionizing the organic agriculture industry. From the novice urban gardener to professional growers nationwide, Organic Plant Magic is helping people harvest flavorful fruits and vegetables, more fragrant flowers, and cultivate produce faster than other organic growing methods.