5 Ways Independent Garden Centers Are Using White Label Products

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Big box stores are threatening the livelihood of mom and pop retail nationwide. Offering a variety of brands at a fraction of the cost, these one-stop shopping giants are crushing smaller competition.

Nurseries and independent garden centers are certainly not immune to the intimidation of large superstores infringing upon their market share. With loss of revenue, and possibly an entire business on the line, owners are turning to white label products to compete with giants of industry.

A recent article published by Forbes magazine discussed the benefits of private and white labeling as a means for businesses to stay viable, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. Take a look at the top five benefits of white label programs for independent garden centers.

  1. Got Product? – Using a white label program is a quick and easy way to build up your brand and stock your own product. Simply customize a pre-packaged item with your name, logo, and color scheme and place it on your shelves. It’s that easy.
  2. Save Time & Money – Research, development, and a go-to-market strategy is a costly endeavor, not to mention a lengthy process. Branding a product already proven and retail ready will save you money, and translate into instant revenue without a significant investment of time or labor.
  3. Happy Customers – Being able to give your buyers exactly what they need, when they need it will keep them coming back for more. No need to go elsewhere (aka big box stores) when you can be their single source specialty shop.
  4. Packaged Expertise – There’s a reason your customers are choosing a specialty retail store – they want the best. Stocking your own trusted brand of product ensures that they are getting a superior buy backed by your expertise in the industry.
  5. Eliminate Competition – Your own product is all they’ll need, so why stock someone else’s brand? Cut down on your inventory while increasing profits with a best-selling, trustworthy and proven item from the same name of the store they chose to shop in the first place.

Not All White Labels Are Create Equal
Before you run out and build your brand with a white label program for your nursery or garden center, you’ll want to do your due diligence. There are a few things you should look for in a program partner. Make sure the product you are investing in has an established reputation. The last thing you need is to question the integrity of a partnership and discover that it’s still in the development phases of being a reliable investment. You will also want to review the ROI potential to determine if it is indeed a worthwhile purchase for your business. Purchasing a product in bulk without doing the math can end up hurting your bottom line. Lastly, a white label partnership should be just that, a partnership. Find out what support you can count on from a supplier. From marketing to sales assistance, many white label manufacturers will provide supplemental training and materials to your garden center staff to help you maximize your investment.

Profiting from White Label Fertilizer
Right now, independent garden centers are at a severe disadvantage to big box stores.  With 85% of sales consisting of plants and shrubbery, nurseries are sending consumers to other retail stores for accompanying soil and plant foods. But why, when the opportunity exists to retain this customer base and profit from increased sales.

Organic Plant Magic (OPM) has honed a proprietary blend of natural, all-purpose fertilizer that is PROVEN to grow healthier, more robust plants. We offer garden centers a unique opportunity to white label our instant compost tea with exponential ROI. In addition to original product, provide the tools, resources, and merchandising you and your sales staff needs to be successful selling out full stock.

Discover how Organic Plant Magic can take your garden center to the next level and raise awareness for your company. Learn more about the OPM white label program.