Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with an Organic Lifestyle

earth day

April 22nd marks the day when we, as a global society, unite to celebrate and support environmental protection. This year’s events will coincide with the March for Science in Washington, DC. The National Mall is set to come alive with scientists and civic organizers conducting speeches and trainings, musical performances, and a march through the streets to celebrate a passion for science and the many ways it services the world. Conservation, protection, and renewal are just a sample of the impact science has on the preservation of our planet.

As Earth Day approaches, we are reminded of the delicate ecosystem in which we exist, and how this balance can quickly waver. While technology and innovation continues to evolve, products, services, commerce, and even lifestyle choices have led to incalculable damage from synthetics and chemical design. Our fragile environment is threatened by artificial substances. The time has come to rectify and reverse the destruction or suffer further consequences.

Protecting Earth from the Ground Up
Finding universal ways to safeguard our planet presents a challenge, however small strides such as living a natural, organic lifestyle has proven to have a big impact. The increase in demand for organic produce has shown that society embraces the purity and wholesomeness of organic foods.

Eliminating chemically treated GMOs from a diet has a positive impact on one’s health. Though the benefits of organic agriculture don’t stop there. In fact, the advantages of organic growing run much deeper than surface chemicals.

Organic Plant Magic, for example, manufactures instant compost tea fertilizer that is derived from over 50 trace minerals and hundreds beneficial MicroOrganisms. Rather than use harsh, artificial compounds, we’ve formulated our organic plant food with natural elements that enlivens the soil and enriches the earth. Organic Plant Magic fortifies the ground and feeds it the nutrients needed to reproduce healthy soil – whereas chemically treated fertilizers destroy natural properties and disrupt the ecosystem. This type of rejuvenation is a small, yet significant step in protecting and sustaining the environment.

Influencing the Future
While consuming organic foods can certainly make strides in the right direction, living organic is not only about consumables. From organic fibers to green engineering feats, adapting this mindset tends to be a complete lifestyle change. One in which a person leads by example and welcomes the opportunity to support the natural biology of the planet to constructively influence future generations.

An organic lifestyle may be found in the form of regular purchases, using renewable energy, and sustainable living methodologies. From wines to wearables, the opportunity exists to have a positive influence on our environment daily.

Learn about Organic Plant Magic’s commitment to environmental protection and fortifying earth’s natural resources. Find out how we make organic growing more accessible through innovative product design to help minimize chemicals and GMOs from everyday foods.