Start a New Mother’s Day Tradition

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Mums the word. Chrysanthemums that is, and others blossoms that are perfect for planting right after Mother’s Day. Aside from being the most heavily traveled day of the year, Mother’s Day marks the unofficial start of the gardening season for many across the country.

While people scurry to find the right sentiment in a card, tokens of appreciation that speaks volumes, and brunch spots without a wait, you could be celebrating mom and the special mother-figure in your life, with a new family tradition. This Mother’s Day, why not plant an organic garden?

Share the gift of growth and prosperity this Mother’s Day with blooming flowers, greenery, or even an organic vegetable garden. Plant seeds to sprout colorful, fragrant blossoms. Harvest healthy, all-natural produce for meals. Engage in an activity that will have a lasting positive impact, and one that can be shared for generations to come.

Starting a Mother’s Day Garden
Growing organic plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs is easier than you may think. There are several seeds and techniques you can start with that will afford lush, robust cultivation.

Beginner Gardening Methods

  • Garden Boxes – Create small plots of soil in a backyard or community garden to grow rows of fruits and vegetables, and varieties of herbs and flowers.
  • Flower Boxes – Space-saving way to start a vibrant garden and dress up an outdoor space.
  • Container Growing – Urban growers trust flexible and mobile pots, planters, and basins to help harvest herbs and greenery without a dedicated parcel.
  • Hanging Plants – You don’t need a green thumb, just a sunny spot in which to hang your planter and with the right seeds and little maintenance you can sprout full blooms and colorful vines.
Easy-to-Grow Organic Flowering Plants

1.       Sunflowers

2.       Zinnias – variety of colors

3.       Marigolds

4.       Begonias

5.       Daffodils

Easy-to-Grow Vegetable Garden

1.       Radishes

2.       Lettuce, spinach, & arugula

3.       Green beans

4.       Zucchini

5.       Potatoes

Give the Gift of Gardening
If you don’t start an organic garden on Mother’s Day, your gift can still help them get started. From seeds to seedlings, pots, gardening tools, and accessories there are great gardening gifts for mom.

OPM Single PackOrganic Plant Magic complete starter kits include a decorative watering can that can kickstart any organic garden. Our soil enhancer is fortified plant food that contains 50+ trace minerals and MicroOrganisms that feed the earth and sprout healthier, more flavorful, and more fragrant fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

This Mother’s Day, start a new tradition by planting. Plant something new each year and cultivate vibrant flowers and foliage, and engage in activities that support earth’s nature resources.

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