The Accidental Creation of Sustainable Soil – The Story Behind the Innovation

One easy to use, all-purpose organic fertilizer.
While it was never the end-goal, it became the end-game.
And a game-changer.

Organic Plant Magic is not your typical run-of-the-mill “compost tea.” If it were, there wouldn’t be anything special about it. Rather, this soil enhancer does much more than feed plants. It feeds an ecosystem.

Biology Over Chemicals
About 10 years ago I was living the Alaskan dream. A naturalist’s playground, I sat in awe of landscapes painted with such lush and vivid vegetation it could only come from raw, untouched earth and 23 hours of sun-soaked summers. Or, so I thought.

It was here in Alaska that a chance meeting with Jeff Lowenfels, acclaimed author of Teaming with Microbes and champion for living organic would change my life. As an avid biologist, I became fascinated by his proven theory that the chemical fertilizers used on plants and agriculture were not just destroying natural habitats, but were the result of our own toxic dependency on an arsenal of artificial, inorganic substances. I became acquainted with his preferred methodology of organic cultivation and the soil food web – organisms living all or part of their lives in the soil that transfer energy between species in an ecosystem. I was hooked.

A Successful Failure
Armed with new-found philosophies and proof of accelerated growth via my own organic plants and vegetables, I engaged in the study of healthy, natural composting. Now convinced that Alaska’s wild, rich earth was not the result of an access of sun rays, but rather the microorganisms that remained intact, I set out to replicate a nutrient-rich soil enhancer that would fortify plants and rejuvenate natural resources.

Extensive research and experimentation led to engineering a concentrated liquid extract of compost fortified with trace minerals and microorganisms that affect the growth cycle. I had developed an organic instant compost tea that required no labor-intensive composting at all. Only problem was, it needed to be produced and applied on the same day. The concept was a huge achievement, but the shelf-life was non-existent.

Back to the lab for further study.

Happy Accident
The following year, under the tutelage of Dr. Elaine Inhgam, founder of the Soil Foodweb Lab, I delved deep into optimal soil microbe ratios for compost teas, and the delicate balance of organisms in soil. I aligned myself with horticultural experts and agricultural professionals. I consulted on the benefits of a biological approach to growing that could replace chemical usage. Independently, I continued to investigate new ways to take the revolutionary liquid concentrate compost tea and ingredients for vitamin-rich soil, and create a ready-to-use fertilizer and soil enhancer.
Though initial attempts proved fruitless, a breakthrough on a hunch, led to a stable liquid formula of the extract that sustained its potency for an extended period. Finally, a product with endurance that could be brought to masses.

Product development didn’t end here however, as it happens it was just beginning.

For consumers to adopt organic planting with accessible “instant compost tea,” ease of use was essential for the go-to-market strategy. Further R & D resulted in a sustainable, dry soluble power that could be packaged, delivered, and stored for the mainstream market – and establishment of Organic Plant Magic.

Creating a Soil that Feeds the Earth
While you don’t wake up one morning and think, “today I’m going to create plant food that could change the world,” the possibilities that accompany such a product do have life-long implications. On the surface, Organic Plant Magic is a favorite among gardening enthusiasts, organic agriculturalists, and landscapers for good reason. The stuff works. Flowers bloom more fragrant and more vibrant. Fruits and vegetables grow bigger, faster, and packed with more vitamins. And this is all proven. But what is most impressive is what is going on beneath the surface that has a significant impact.

When planting in the ground, Organic Plant Magic instant compost tea is giving back essential nutrients that have been lost over time. It’s helping to reproduce better natural soil and rejuvenate ecosystems. Sure, it’s easy to use. Just add water. Never overfeed or burn plants. The biology of the formula sees to it that vegetation only gets what it needs, and uses what is received. But, aside from the immediate gratification of results, this instant compost tea continues to work behind the scenes. It’s fortifying organic compounds and breeding more sustainable earth.

Organic Plant Magic is helping to rebuild what was destroyed by synthetics, and is paving the way for robust organic soil to regenerate on it’s own.

OPM Single Pack

Organic Plant Magic is dedicated to healthy living, and helps to amplify natural simplicity. See the results for yourself, how plants thrive on our instant compost tea soil enhancer. We offer a faster, more affordable way to bring organic produce to market, and are committed to innovating better growing technology that makes a difference in people, plants, and our planet.