Quick DIY Tips for Healthier Lawns & Gardens

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. While it’s an age-old adage to describe a constant state of discontent, it may not be untrue (in a literal sense) if your neighbor knows the secret to healthier lawns and gardens.

You don’t need to invest a small fortune in professional landscaping. With a few easy DIY tips, you too can be the envy of your community with flourishing flowers and perfectly groomed turf.

Soil – The quickest route to picture-perfect landscaping is through healthier soil. You can plant to your hearts content, but if the earth isn’t enriched with the nutrients it needs, your efforts will be in vain. Popular-brand fertilizers often contain too much nitrogen and can do more harm than good. Read the labels. With the same amount of effort, organic growing solutions will naturally fortify the ground.

Grasscycling –
Ditch the lawnmower bag and give back to the earth. Grass clippings that are left behind are broken down and reabsorbed into the ground. This is a natural way to return nutrients back to the soil and restore dirt that may have been contaminated by harmful chemical treatments.

Watering –
In the summer months, you may be tempted to continuously water your grass to prevent brown burnt lawns. However, over-watering can have adverse effects. Your plants and grass only need about an inch of water a week to thrive in regular temperatures. This encourages the roots to grow deeper to obtain groundwater that results in stronger, healthier plant-life.

Supplementing nutrients using organic plant food or fertilizer will expedite growing and provide optimum results without all the harsh chemicals. Composting is an ideal way to support your lawn and garden, though many people don’t have the time needed to create the compost.

Just Add Water
Organic Plant Magic has engineered instant compost tea. A soluble powder that mimics composting without the labor and time intensive tasks. Simply add a small amount of the powder plant food to watering cans or hose sprayers, and you’ll return vitamins and nutrients to your soil.

See Immediate Results
Get Organic Plant Magic and within a single application you’ll start to see a difference in your plant-life. With 55+ trace minerals and Beneficial MicroOrganisms your soil needs to feed roots, you’ll have found the secret to growing greener healthier lawns, vibrant flower beds, and robust gardens.