Knee High by The Fourth of July

If those seedlings haven’t sprouted out of the ground by now, you may want to kick it up a notch.

It may only be mid-summer, but planted fields should start showing some progress for a fall harvest. If you’re not seeing results, an expedited approach may be your best option. And while we’re using the corny idioms we’re willing to bet the farm that upping your strategy to include innovative soil technology may just do the trick.

Novice growers and farmers alike tend to underestimate the advantages of nutrients, minerals and microorganisms within natural soil. Instead, they opt for the quick hit of chemical synthetics to increase growth. However, these toxins end up doing more harm than good. While short-term progress may be achieved with these chemical fertilizers, behind the scenes, beneficial microorganisms are slowly dying.

These fertilizers erode earth’s natural resources and destroy the soil food web – a delicate balance of organisms living all or part of their lives in the soil. These organisms transfer energy between species in an ecosystem which fortifies the dirt we use to plant. Regular use of synthetics in agriculture and mass production of fruits and vegetables end up having an adverse effect on soil. Therefore, it’s important to give serious consideration to the plant food and soil enhancers you use to expedite the growing process.

While the soil technology and techniques used in organic farming, such as composting isn’t for everyone, you can still support natural growing efforts by selecting the right stimulants. Believe it or not, all-natural organic plant food will provide the same, if not better, results than those “quick-grow” chemically enhanced fertilizers.

Years of research and development that combine biological microorganisms with earth’s natural minerals have yielded Organic Plant Magic, a unique blend of 50 trace minerals in a soluble powder that gives you the benefits of composting without the all work. Safe for the environment, people, and plants, Organic Plant Magic’s patented plant food is proven to grow bigger, more nutrient-rich produce with intense flavor. The easy, effortless application provides immediate results – with most users noting growth and rejuvenation of plants within 5-7 days of use.

The foundation of Organic Plant Magic is based on the soil food web itself. Not only does it enhance earth’s natural growing mechanisms, it fortifies the soil and repairs the damage from years of synthetic toxins. This ends up producing healthier plant life and more superior crops.

OPM Single Pack

If your sprouts aren’t up to snuff, you may be in for a rude awakening come fall. Explore the naturally enhanced soil technology of Organic Plant Magic, and benefit from better fertilizer that will enliven your crops and replenish the natural eco-system for continued growth year after year.

Try Organic Plant Magic’s Instant Compost Tea and see the results for yourself with a more robust harvest this growing season.