You Don’t Need a Miracle, Just the Magic of Science

Earth is a complex system of ecological progression. The more we introduce synthetic products, the more the environment is being influenced by unnatural additives. Those unable to reproduce necessary organisms needed to continue this organic evolution.

So, what does this mean?

While this can translate into many things, for plant life, it means that the use of chemical fertilizers is having a negative impact on soil. While the immediate effects may produce rapid growth, lasting effects of these formulas on ground soil are proving far more destructive.

Chemical fertilizers found in many common brands of plant food are killing the biology of the Soil Food Web, a delicate balance of microorganisms that transfers energy between species in an ecosystem. This interaction helps to naturally fortify the soil and provides nutrients to strengthen roots and reproduce robust plant-life on its own.

Today’s short-term growing techniques are destroying organic compounds in the soil, and are unable to supplement beneficial microorganisms – resulting in the demise of healthy earth.

Reversing this process.

The good news is, this chemical intrusion is reversible. The rise of organic growing techniques has helped to undo harmful effects of common fertilizers. Why then hasn’t everyone adopted this method of growing and natural fertilization?

Unfortunately, the stigma of organic composting has hindered its popularity. Associated with a slow, labor intensive process, many people are reluctant to “go organic” – until now that is.

The Magic of Science

The innovation behind synthetics for “enhanced growth” has been re-engineered by our scientists to focus on “healthier growth” using all-natural substances.  Organic Plant Magic has created a way to keep the wholesome and beneficial microorganisms found in composting, and formulated it into an easy-to-use, 100% organic fertilizer.

Science has now provided a way to rejuvenate what was lost, protect what remains, and enhance what has yet to come.

Organic Plant Magic is dedicated to healthier living for people, plants, and the environment. Our proprietary fertilizer has revolutionized an industry once reliant on chemicals, but is now benefitting from something more advanced.

Using over 55 trace minerals and beneficial microorganisms straight from the science behind the Soil Food Web, our organic fertilizer is not only proving to grow faster, healthier plant-life, but also tastier, more nutrient-rich produce, and fragrant, vibrant colored flora.

No Green Thumb? No Problem

Organic Plant Magic is a safe, effective soluble powder that requires only water and minimal application to produce results. Our unique fertilizer works to systematically feed plant-life as it’s needed – so there is never any burning or over-fertilizing of plants. Try a small amount and see results.

By engineering an easy, one-step process for all-natural growing techniques, the team at Organic Plant Magic has developed a way to reinvigorate earth’s natural resources, and change mindsets. The importance of this product and the movement towards organic living will reverse the decades-long effects of chemical use, and have a positive impact for generations to come.