5 Ways Independent Garden Centers Are Using White Label Products

Garden Center

Big box stores are threatening the livelihood of mom and pop retail nationwide. Offering a variety of brands at a fraction of the cost, these one-stop shopping giants are crushing smaller competition.

Nurseries and independent garden centers are certainly not immune to the intimidation of large superstores infringing upon their market share. With loss of revenue, and possibly an entire business on the line, owners are turning to white label products to compete with giants of industry.
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Grow Early. Grow Often. – Tips for Preparing Organic Gardens for Planting


Spring is in the air. Well, almost. Time to get those organic garden’s going and start prepping for a fruitful (or vegetable full, depending on your preference) harvest.

Whether you bloom fragrant flowers, or cultivate organic produce for a self-sustaining, healthy lifestyle, Organic Plant Magic has tips to help prepare you for spring planting.
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The countdown to the holidays has started. For some, there’s a small stockpile of tokens and trinkets set aside that have been strategically acquired throughout the year. However, for the vast majority – let the shopping games begin.

Whether you consider this season to be a fun-filled shopper’s paradise or the most stressful time of the year, we’ve got a list of top gift ideas for the gardening enthusiast in your life.

Preparing a Delicious and Unique Organic Thanksgiving Meal

organic thanksgiving

Got an organic produce garden? Then you have the makings of a very tasty organic Thanksgiving feast.

Even if you don’t grow your own, inviting friends and family over for an all-natural holiday meal is as easy as buying the right ingredients from local markets and serving up delicious recipes shared online. From apps to side dishes, entrees to desserts, and right down to the beverages you offer your guests, preparing an organic Thanksgiving meal is a dining experience not to be forgot.
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The Greenhouse Effect: Enhancing Your Organic Garden

Whether a newbie or a seasoned gardener, growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only a great way to save on groceries, it provides a healthier, all-natural food source. For many however, areas where seasonality affects growing patterns can hinder the amount of vegetation that is produced over the course of a year. Unless you use a greenhouse growing technique.

A backyard greenhouse can provide a stable environment for year-round gardening. It offers a way to produce your favorite organic fruits and vegetables when the local environment exhibits unfavorable growing conditions.
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Benefits of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

basket of organic produce

From urban gardeners to Agri-careers, the movement to grow organic fruits and vegetables has increased tenfold. Finding new and innovative ways to grow natural produce is leading to healthier, tastier foods, but there are implications that will also be felt for generations to come.

As studies reveal the negative effects of chemically enhanced farming, the push to cultivate organic foods has become a hot-button topic in gardening and agriculture. More personal gardens and individual horticulturists are finding the benefits of growing organic plants outweigh the need to use pesticides and genetically engineered byproducts.
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Fall Harvest: The Rise of Organic Agriculture

The demand for organic produce and staple products has never been greater. And, the agricultural industry has answered this call by ramping up organic farming efforts and promoting the advantages of all natural cultivation.

Transitioning conventional farms to organic plantations has been eased by the monetary implications, as well as the progressive ideologies that accompany organic production.

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Starting an Organic Rooftop Garden

If you’ve been gazing at the blank canvas that is your roof thinking it would be a great place to grow some all natural fruits, veggies, or herbs you’re not alone!  Urban organic gardening is becoming one of the fastest-growing trends – and rooftops are usually the best place to do it.

However, one can’t simply start laying down organic soil and call it a day.  There are a lot of factors to consider before beginning any rooftop garden project.  The more prep work and thinking you do ahead of time, the more likely you are to succeed!

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Compost Tea Anyone?

Compost tea…  If you’re into organic farming, or you have friends who are, you’ve probably heard about it.  Compost tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to “big bag” commercial fertilizers, which are often packed full of questionable chemicals.

And it’s a subject that’s become quite controversial, too, with plenty of anecdotes and studies claiming everything from “miracle plant food” to “no additional effect.”  Plus there are many different ways to make it, different source composts to use, and other variables which ensure plenty of people are arguing over the benefits of compost tea versus traditional compost.

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Organic Fertilizers – The Gift to Your Soil

Don’t be fooled by the claims made by synthetic chemical fertilizers!  While they occasionally have their uses, organic fertilizer is by far the better overall choice for your garden in nearly all situations.

The balance of the growth cycle in nature is a finely-tuned system which has developed over billions of years of evolution, creating a setup which self-perpetuates.  Crops and other plants can grow year after year, century after century, without ever fully depleting the soil.  Organic fertilizers help continue this process, whereas chemicals can interrupt it.

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