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National Indoor Plant Week - September 19th - 25th

By: Angelia Daugirda

DID YOU KNOW... Houseplants have their own special holiday? National Indoor Plant Week is September 19th - 25th this year. In honor of our green indoor friends who bring us so much joy, freshen the... ... [Read more]

Oh my my! Where has summer gone?

By: Angelia Daugirda

Good news is that you can keep on planting even as the long warm days of summer start to wind down. Are you planning on planting fall bulbs? You should be! Now is the time... ... [Read more]

Growing Healthy Tomatoes!

By: Angelia Daugirda

Wow!  Can you believe that it is the middle of June already?  What a wonderful time of the year to get out in the garden and grow good things ... [Read more]

Delicious Summer Zucchini Fritter Recipe

By: Angelia Daugirda

Do you have an abundance of zucchini?  We would love to share our favorite healthy zucchini fritter recipe with you!  We hope that your family loves them as much as ours does.  SAVORY SUMMER FRITTERS... ... [Read more]

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