Compressed Potting & Planting Soil

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Hand holding two tomatoes with tomato plants visible in background

Compressed Potting & Planting Soil

Organic Plant Magic's compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry bag of soil granules magically expands up to 4x when mixed with water. This super premium potting and planting soil is pre-charged with organic plant food, worm castings, and more to empower all of your plants to grow their best from the start!

  • Soil Granules
  • All Purpose
  • Expands 4X in Water
  • Non-toxic Ingredients
Pair of hands holding compressed soil with packaging in the background

Easy to Use

Our Compressed Potting & Planting Soil is non-toxic, all-purpose, and is alive with GroBiotiocs. It is safe for kids, pets and the environment, so you can grow amazing things with peace of mind. At Organic Plant Magic, we created products that help your plants grow their best from the very start!

Expand Compressed Soil

Add water to compressed soil evenly at 1:1 soil to water ratio

Use Straight or Blend

Use straight, or mix and blend at 1:2 soil to other soil ratio

  • Don't expand soil prior to spreading with a spreader
  • Apply 1/4 inch expanded soil to your soil surface
  • Or, lightly cover the soil surface with compressed soil, then water
  • 2 pound bag quickly expands by 4x
  • Makes up to 3 gallons of soil
Scoop of compressed soil with packaging to the side

Why Organic

How does Organic Plant Magic define ‘Organic’? Organic for us means that we use zero chemicals, zero toxic ingredients, zero synthetic ingredients, and we do zero harm to everyone and everything! Organic for us means growing as close to nature as possible!

Why Organic?

What Our Fans Are Saying

Hear what our community of plant lovers are saying about their most-loved Organic Plant Magic Products!

  • Pair of hands picking up compressed soil with packaging at the back
  • My seeds love it!

    The seeds love it - as does my lettuce.... and it's sort of fun watching it grow ;) Mainly impressed with the germination rate though... ;)

    Sarah L's profile photo
    Sarah L Compressed Soil
  • Hand holding soil with a sprout
  • Sprouts growing from starter pots
  • Potting Soil That Works

    This is great so far. I re-potted my plant yesterday. A branch was dying at the top. Now it’s producing leaves. Just get it!

    Caleb S's profile photo
    Caleb S Compressed Soil
  • Tending to a small plant

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