What is Compost Tea?

Compost Tea is a liquid extract of compost.

When made and applied properly, compost tea is unbelievably effective and incredibly beneficial to soil and plants.

Why Use Compost Tea?

Because plants and soil depend so heavily on Beneficial MicroOrganisms® for fertility, growth, nutrition and protection, and because there’s no better way to provide Beneficial MicroOrganisms® than Compost Tea.

How Do I Apply Instant Compost Tea?

Two ways – you can either add a tablespoon to a gallon of water and apply with a watering can OR you can mix a tablespoon directly with a gallon of soil.

Regardless of how you apply Instant Compost Tea it’ll be amazingly effective, and because it’s entirely organic you have absolutely no chance of burning your plants.

Where Do I Apply Compost Tea?

Everywhere you can.

From adding Instant Compost Tea to the plant site’s soil before planting to mixing it with the water in your watering can to spraying the leaves themselves, there’s no incorrect application method.

Remember – you can’t do it wrong, you can only do it better.

When Do You Apply Compost Tea?

In general, compost tea is most effective when applied once a month or more, with an average application taking place every 1-2 weeks.

Compost Tea applications are most important in the Spring, Summer and Fall when temperatures are above 40 degrees.  SO, pick a day of the week that’s best for you and apply away.

Who Should Use Instant Compost Tea?

Anyone with plants who wants to see them thrive but doesn’t want the hassle of making traditional Compost Tea.

So “everyone”, really.