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Introducing Our Private Label Program

Plants grow better with fertilizer. This makes it an important part of your customer and business success. Yet on average, only about 15% of customers buy fertilizer. The problem is, having too many fertilizer choices in your store is confusing.

So, how are you going to sell fertilizer?

At Organic Plant Magic, we’ve honed a proprietary blend of organic fertilizer that ensures all plant success through the creation of healthy soil rich in nutrients and microorganisms.

Our private label program allows you to sell your own brand of our unique all-purpose organic fertilizer in your garden center. Leverage your advantage as the local expert your customers come to rely on by having one definitive unified fertilizer position your store and staff recommend… Because your customer’s success is your business success.


  • Impress customers with your exclusive fertilizer
  • Use your own logo on our beautifully designed packaging or customize your own messaging and graphics too
  • Employ expert knowledge that "healthy plants grow in healthy soil"

Make Fertilizer Simple

  • Simplify buying experience with the product that's easy to use, easy to explain, and easy to recommend
  • Stock just one effective, all-purpose fertilizer
  • We manage packaging & all state requirements

Increase Sales

  • Upsell your customers with the product they need for success at home
  • Increase customer loyalty by instilling confidence in your own brand
  • We provide ongoing sales support and easy reordering
"Organic Plant Magic provides us with an organic fertilizer solution that eliminates customer confusion and guarantees success. This family owned company is easy to work with, fulfills our orders on time and uses a scientific approach that makes dollars and sense out of the fertilizer business."
Don Eaton - founder, Bower & Branch



A new package is as easy as sending us your logo and we will add it to our predesigned packaging.

Your Logo Here
Branded Package Sample


Send us your custom package design and sales messages that connect with your customers

Final bag size: 6 in by 9in
Custom Package Design

One time set up fee


Low minimum order of only

500 units

Initial investment as low as


Program Details

  • We manage all state label approval, State registration and state tonnage reporting
  • package customized with your Garden center logo. You may also design your own mesaging and graphics.
  • Product Details
    • 6x9 inch, 1/2 pound resealable packages
    • $7.60-$9.50 wholesale price per unit based on volume of order
    • up to 60% margin and 150% ROI at $18.99 msrp
    • Product also available in 5 or 20 lb buckets

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