Organic Fertilizer Concentrate 2 Pack (1lb)


2 1/2 Pound Resealable Packages – Makes 64 Gallons, Treats 2,000 Square Feet Organic Plant Magic’s Instant Compost Tea delivers the benefits of millions of Beneficial MicroOrganisms®:

  • Amazing Growth, Color & Flavor – Compost Tea empowers your plants to express their full genetic potential, resulting in an intensity of production, color, taste and vibrancy like you’ve never experienced before.
  • Biology Over Chemicals – Synthetic fertilizers are bad for you, your plants and the environment. Organic Plant Magic naturally strengthens your plants so they out-compete pests and disease.
  • Perfectly Brewed, Every Time – Making traditional Compost Tea is great, but it’s very difficult and time consuming to brew correctly. With Instant Compost Tea you just add water and go!
  • Kid, Pet & Earth Friendly – Organic Plant Magic is entirely Organic. We don’t use harsh chemicals that endanger children, animals or the environment (or you for that matter).
100% Organic - All Natural Your Plants Will Love it - Guaranteed
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Easy to Use

  • How to Use
    Plant With It: Add 1 tablespoon of Organic Plant Magic to the planting hole per gallon of soil used during planting before placing your plants. Use 1/2 teaspoon per small (bulb, six pack, up to to 4 inch) starter plant, 1 teaspoon per medium (4-8 inch) plant, 1 tablespoon per large (8 inch or gallon) plant, and 1 tablespoon per additional gallon size container.
    Water With It: Add 1 tablespoon of Organic Plant Magic per gallon of water and mix. Drench the soil. Apply to foliage if desired.
  • When to Use
    Applications are most important in the Spring, Summer and Fall when temperatures are above 40 degrees.
  • How Often to Apply
    For the most impressive results, Instant Compost Tea should be applied every 1 –2 weeks.  Pick a day of the week to fertilize that works best for you!
  • Where to Use
    Instant Compost Tea is completely organic and safe for any and all applications. It can be used indoors or outside and on any variety of flower, shrub, vegetable garden, fruit tree, lawn, etc., with no threat of burn.

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