Planters Bundle


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Compressed Organic Potting Soil (2lb.)

2lb. Resealable Package - Expands up to 4 times when mixed with water. Contains nutrient-rich plant food derived from natural coconut coir and worm castings fertilizer.


Organic Fertilizer Concentrate Single Package (1/2lb.)

1/2 Pound Resealable Package - Makes 32 Gallons, Treats 1,000 Square Feet Organic Plant Magic’s Instant Compost Tea delivers the benefits of millions of Beneficial Microorganisms®.

100% Organic - All Natural Your Plants Will Love it - Guaranteed
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The Planters Bundle gives you everything you need to grow perfect raised vegetable gardens, flower beds and more. Just add water! 

Two – 2lb resealable bags of Compressed Organic Potting Soil For Garden & Plants

  • Expands to 4 times the size when mixed with water
  • Feeds your plants for months & makes them grow up to 3 x bigger
  • Holds 50% more water than regular soil


One – 1/2 lb. resealable bag of Organic Fertilizer 

  • Makes 32 Gallons, Treats 1,000 Square Feet Organic – just add water and go!
  • Empowers your plants to express their natural intensity of production, color, taste and vibrancy 
  • Strengthens your plants so they out-compete pests and diseases
  • Never any harsh chemicals

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