Compressed Organic Potting Soil For Garden & PlantsSingle Package (2lb.)


2lb. Resealable Package – Expands up to 4 times when mixed with water and makes up to 3 gallons of soil. Contains nutrient rich plant food derived from natural coconut coir and worm castings fertilizer. Empower your plants by building a strong nutritious living soil that increases the availability of air, water and nutrients – And the ability of your plants to use them.

A LITTLE DOES A LOT… your little BIG bag of compressed organic potting soil that expands to 4 times the size when mixed with water; easy to carry & saves vital shed space

NOURISH & SEE THEM FLOURISH… this concentrated super soil feeds your plants for months & makes them grow up to 3 x bigger!

RAPID HYDRATION…works super-fast at getting water & air to thirsty roots; holds 50% more water than regular soil, making it perfect for raised veg gardens & flower beds

A NON-TOXIC TONIC… 100% natural ground coconut coir, worm castings & beneficial bacteria to give your garden soil and plants a super-boost

ORGANIC & BIODEGRADABLE… garden, pet & children friendly potting soil supplement that will help your veg and salads taste better and be far healthier for you than chemical-based feeds

100% Organic - All Natural Your Plants Will Love it - Guaranteed
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Easy to Use

  • How to Use
    To expand your soil, use a tarp, wheelbarrow or other container to hold your compressed soil. It will rapidly expand 4 times to full size by adding water at a 3:1 water to soil ratio. Use your expanded soil straight or mix and blend at no less than a 1:2 ratio with your existing soil or other favorite soil inputs, to make your own custom potting and planting soil blend. Use one 2lb. package with up to 5 gallons of other soil.
  • Soil Ammending & Conditioning
    You may also scratch, rake and incorporate your expanded(or dry compressed unexpanded) soil into your existing soil to enhance soil and plant performance. This package treats up to 2,765 Square Feet when used at a rate of 1/4 inch expanded soil per square foot.
  • Mulching & Topdressing
    Use your expanded soil as mulch – And as a topdress for Turf Lawn Grasses & Seed. Product will help to insulate and conserve soil, seed and root moisture for higher plant performance. Do not expand soil prior to applying via broadcast or drop spreader to topdress lawns and landscapes.

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