Karen Thacker

Central Indiana has terrible clay soil and it’s difficult to get anything to grow. Organic Plant Magic has become our “go-to” remedy. Customers are coming in asking for “That Magic Powder”. We don’t plant anything without it!

– Karen Thacker, Altum’s Horticultural Center

Nancy DuBrule-Clemente

We have been using Organic Plant Magic since we first learned about it.
We LOVE it. We tell our retail customers to use it with every planting. We demonstrate how to dip your tomato plants into it when we give veggie workshops. We show them how to roll their seeds in it. We use it on every crew installation, it is right in our estimating form. To make it faster, we now put it in old grated cheese shakers, shake it around every new plant, and water it in. Genius! In my own garden at home, I wouldn’t plant anything without using O.P.M.

– Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, Owner, Natureworks

Chris Kennedy

Our customers have told us that Organic Plant Magic works and this is why I recommend Organic Plant Magic for every plant we sell at the Garden Center.

– Chris Kennedy, Owner, Kennedy’s Country Gardens

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“Incredible results… My Impatiens have never looked so good – they were bountiful and knee high!”

– Jack Russell, Vice President, Russell’s Garden Center

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“Our customers love Organic Plant Magic and it is working well for them. Sang Lee Farms is happy to have Organic Plant Magic and it is the only fertilizer product we carry.”

– Nanette True, Nursery Manager, Sang Lee Farms

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“Got my plant magic [3 days ago]. Spent the evening doing foliar drench. I put 1 TB in a one gallon sprayer that is pumped by hand and has a wand. Wow–your product is awesome. I find it so easy to use, dissolve but most importantly, we could see an overnight difference in every plant in our backyard!  From Japanese maples, oleanders, crepe myrtles, weeping willow, dogwood, to blueberries, pear and citrus trees.  They were all “smiling” for lack of better word:)  I was surprised that insects do not like it!!  Now, I’m gonna wait to see how much my veggies and flowers like it. No odor, easy to mix–easy to use. I will be recommending your product to all my friends! Thanks.”

– Mike Lewis, Individual Consumer, Internet Buyer

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“Getting great results when I use Organic Plant Magic on installation of plants on my projects.”

– P.J., Landscaper

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“I love Organic Plant Magic – this is the first time I have planted seeds – they germinated in three days and look healthy!”

– Jen, Individual Consumer, Internet Buyer

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“Three of the four individual winners in the Marshfield Fair Tomato Contest in 2012 used Organic Plant Magic to grow their prize winning tomatoes! What a great testimony to the effectiveness of Organic Plant Magic.”

– Lorrie Gamp Daphlan, Manager, Marshfield Farmer’s Market

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“Organic Plant Magic is marvelous. I have never had better looking plants. I use it on all of my plants and containers.”

– Ann Jones, Individual Consumer

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“My Swiss Chard was 3 feet tall, great leaves, tender and it lasted until December.”

– Anonymous, Individual Consumer

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“Organic Plant Magic is fabulous – we used OPM on our house plants.”

– Debbie and Dan, Individual Consumers

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“Organic Plant Magic is like magic! One little teaspoon in a planter full of old tired out soil, and the hole pot turned a rich, dark brown after mixing it. And it absorbs and holds water so much better now too!”

– Cathy Brossee, Individual Consumer, Internet Buyer

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“I’ve been using Organic Plant Magic and my plants have gone wild!”

– Merilie Kelly, Individual Consumer

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“Thinking of ya today as I showered my pallet gardens with Organic Plant Magic. Tomatoes and cucs are going nuts. Planted less than 2 weeks ago from seedlings. Amazing! Lettuces same story… planted 3 weeks ago from seed and now ready to harvest. Fertilized twice with OPM. The stuff is growing liking wild out there.”

– Angie Angstadt Daugirda, Individual Consumer, Internet Buyer