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Discover the Magic of Truly Organic™

We craft Truly Organic™, Non-Toxic, Easy-To-Use products alive with GroBiotics™ to build healthy, living, nutritious soil that naturally helps your plants grow better than ever! Our live plant food and soil are specifically designed to be all-purpose and safe for every plant, everyone, everywhere, every time.

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Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your soul.

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Our Story

The Roots of Organic Plant Magic

We are a family-owned business of passionate plant lovers who are on a mission to grow spectacular plants with ease in a way that is safe for our families and our environment!

What Our Fans Are Saying

Hear what our community of plant lovers are saying about their most-loved Organic Plant Magic Products!

  • I'm in LOVE Now!

    I've tried various products, and this is by far the easiest and best. No mess! I put a couple tablespoons in my water and water my plants. They are healthy and vibrant and growing quickly. My corn plant became nutrient deficient, and this definitely gave those little greedy grubbers what they needed. Where's the love button?

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    Rebecca D Soluble Plant Food
  • Hand holding two tomatoes with tomato plants visible in background
  • Woman wearing gloves and a gardening apron stood in front of a raised bed
  • Happy Plants... Happy Life

    I am a HUGE fan of the Organic Plant Magic soil especially when coupled with this plant food. Your plants will be so HAPPY!! I can already see a huge difference in just a couple days. I can't wait to see my plant babies in the next few weeks. 10/10 recommend!

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    Peter F. Compressed Soil
  • Bag of all purpose fertilizer granules with a leafy backdrop surrounded by gardening tools including a watering can, trowel, and fork.