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What is Organic Plant Magic?
Organic Plant Magic has honed a unique blend of every essential element, trace minerals, and Beneficial MicroOrganisms® to bring you the easiest way to grow plants with the best organic soil.

Why Use Organic Plant Magic?
Plants and soil depend on Beneficial MicroOrganisms® for fertility, growth, nutrition and protection. There's no better way to provide beneficial microorganisms than Organic Plant Magic.

What Makes It Different from Other Compressed Soil Brands?
We derive Organic Plant Magic from the proprietary process we developed for creating exceptionally high quality compost tea and transforming it into a viable powder, without losing the beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, and biostimulants high quality compost contains. This is go-anywhere premium concentrated compost, plus added all-natural organic nutrients, in a convenient and nearly scent-free form, ready to re-activate once it’s hydrated.

What are the soil ingredients?
Our Compressed Soil contains Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfate which is derived from Coconut Coir super charged with Worm Castings, Plant Based Amino Acids, Humic Acids, Bone Ash, Potassium and Magnesium Sulfate, Kelp, Calcium Silicate, Micro Nutrients and Trace Mineral along with millions of diverse Beneficial MicroOrganisms for establishing populations of beneficial soil and plant microbes.

Do I need to mix the soil with a fertilizer?
Our Compressed Soil includes fertilizer so you do not need to use additional fertilizer when you plant. Based on the type of plant you are growing, we do suggest you use a fertilizer after a period of time as the initial amount of fertilizer included with the soil will be use up by your plants. Consider using Organic Plant Magic Fertilizer; it has everything in it you need to grow healthy and strong plants.

How much soil do I end up with after opening?
One bag will create approximately 3 gallons, 12 quarts or 0.4 cubic feet of uncompressed soil.

How do I Mix the Compressed Soil?
2lbs of our special compressed potting plant mix of coconut coir & worm castings makes 3 gallons of potting soil. Using a ratio of 1-part water to 1-part soil, will result in 4 times the volume!

Where do I apply the soil?
Compressed soil can be applied anywhere you would use potting and planting soil. It's safe and great to use in gardens that contain: flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, vines, trees, shrubs, lawn and seedlings.

Does this contain peat moss?
No, it does not contain peat moss - we use coconut coir as the base for the product and then add other ingredients that are healthy for your plants and soil.

No Green Thumb? No Problem
Organic Plant Magic is a safe, effective soluble powder that requires only water and minimal application to produce results. Our unique fertilizer works to systematically feed plant-life as it’s needed – So there is never any burning or over-fertilizing of plants. Try a small amount and see RESULTS.