Team members Kevin and Kerry holding OPM products

Our Story

The Roots of Organic Plant Magic

When Kevin Richardson, the creator of Organic Plant Magic, stumbled upon a concept that would forever change his way of thinking about soil health and plants, he knew that he couldn’t just set it down. It all began in Alaska when Kevin was introduced to organic gardening and the value of honoring not only the plants, but the soil. Alaska’s great expansiveness and rich landscape inspired Kevin to explore more.

Kevin skiing with his son Henry

Why was everything so lush in one of the most remote regions of the country? The secret lies in the movement of glaciers and the organic matter that nourishes the soil and the enormous network of beneficial soil microbes, thus feeding the ecosystem the richest nutrients possible!

You can't do this wrong,
you can only do it better!

Kevin Richardson, Founder
Kevin holding a very early range of OPM products

Digging Deeper

Where Inspiration Meets Science

In an attempt to recreate the nutrient dense soil of the Alaskan glacier field, Kevin traded his winter ski patrol job to start an organic lawn and garden maintenance business. He began brewing compost tea, to make a concentrated liquid extract out of high quality organic matter, and the results were spectacular. He was onto something! The tea was amazing. Only problem, it was time consuming to make, and had little to no shelf life!

Scoop of compressed soil with packaging to the side

Eager to unearth more, Kevin skipped the next ski season to dig deeper. He was convinced that bottled compost tea would be a game changer in the world of plants. The solution…create a soluble powder! This was the birth of the very first Organic Plant Magic formula, the Soluble Plant Food.

Organic Plant Magic's product lineup including compressed soil, spreadable plant food, and soluble plant food

Alive With Passion

Growing Close To Nature

Nearly two decades have passed since the beginning of the story, and the heart of the company is still dedicated to soil, plants, organics and living synergistically with nature! Today, Organic Plant Magic is devoted to education, preservation and furthering research of how soil and plants really work together, so everyone can grow amazing organic plants. We are just getting started!

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of plant lovers, soil experts, and all around nature lovers, plus some of our favorite animal friends!

Kevin Richardson


The mastermind behind the Organic Plant Magic formulas, Kevin spends his days combing over soil reasearch and looking for ways to grow amazing things. Kevin became an entrepreneur at the ripe old age of 12, when he borrowed the family lawn mower, at a nominal cost paid to his dad, and set out to earn cash and learn the ins and outs of lawn care and business. His love of love and sustainability has lead him down many paths, but one of the most influential began many years ago in Alaska!

Kevin stood in front of a wooden building holding the range of OPM products

Kerry and Kathy Richardson

Managing Members

Kerry and Kathy are the heart of the Organic Plant Magic family! Kerry began gardening at the wise old age of 8 years old, when he claimed a small piece of his family's Long Island yard for growing potatoes. These days Kerry and Kathy tend to their Gladiolus, Cosmos, Lilies and a coastal New England garden that is brimming with color and life!

Kerry and Kathy Richardson stood behind a bed of flowers