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I’m a Scientist, a Skier, and I Love Plants!

My adventure in creating Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea began while I was ski patrolling in Alaska and happened to meet Garden Writer Hall of Famer and author of Teaming with Microbes, Jeff Lowenfels.

Jeff not only introduced me to organic gardening, he also taught me the story of the soil food web.

Now the soil food web story is our story, too.

I’d always been fascinated by the impressive vegetables and gorgeous flowers that dot the landscape in Alaska. I figured this was just because of all the summer daylight they get there, but while that obviously helps, the real secret is the incredible soil rich in nutrients and microbes.

Immense glacier movement in Alaska pulverized the rocks below into nutrient rich soil. Ever since then, the undisturbed purity of the region has preserved the development of an enormous network of beneficial soil microbes whose activities make plants grow awesome!

The good news is that even if you don’t live on an old Alaskan glacier field, you can quickly improve your soil so you can grow awesome plants, too.

Growing a Business

I was hooked! Eager to apply what I had learned about the soil food web, I launched a service business to help residential home owners, as well as commercial and municipal property managers get the lawns and gardens they want, naturally, without harmful chemicals.

It turns out that the microbes who break down sticks, leaves and grass in a healthy compost pile are the same ones who make plants grow awesome! I used a technology known as “compost tea” to make a concentrated liquid extract of the microbes and nutrients contained in high quality compost. It is faster and easier to use than compost or chemical fertilizer. You just water with it and get stunning results. However, it is complicated to make and has no shelf-life. It had to be made and applied in the same day!

Excited to learn more, I even skipped the next ski season to meet Dr. Elaine Ingham, founder of the Soil Foodweb Lab. This lab measures the biology levels in soil and makes recommendations on how to increase the microbes that maximize plant growth. I was invited to study with Dr. Ingham, and implemented her findings into my business.

I began consulting in horticulture and agriculture, providing gardeners and growers with leading-edge advice on this biological approach to growing plants. Then I partnered with a large compost company to offer residential and commercial services to the Washington D.C. area. We even got the attention of the National Parks Service and Smithsonian Institute.


From Liquid to Powder

I was convinced that a bottled compost tea would be a game-changer for people, plants and the environment. I wanted to create a ready-to-use all-purpose product that could be conveniently applied directly to soil and plants with commercial application equipment as well as a watering can.

Yes, there were other fertilizers and compost on the market, but their massive bulk and high costs make them difficult to apply and prohibitive for many people to use. On the other hand, our potent organic product is affordable, easy, and grows awesome plants. I just had to figure out how to give it a shelf life…

I had a hunch I could create a stable liquid formula and it turns out, I was right. Then to be more sustainable, I even went a step further and made it into a dry soluble powder – This worked too!

Today, Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea is available at many local independent gardening centers and is a favorite among plant lovers like you and me. It’s packed with every essential nutrient, plus over 55 trace minerals and the Beneficial MicroOrganisms® that plants really need for maximum growth. And it works great!

People everywhere are realizing that great plants come from nutrient rich soil alive with Beneficial MicroOrganisms®. Organic Plant Magic Instant Compost Tea makes sure you have everything you need to grow awesome plants, every time!

Enjoy ~

Kevin John Richardson
Owner/Founder Organic Plant Magic