Do you know what impact your fertilizer has on our environment?

Do you know what impact your fertilizer has on our environment?

Does it surprise you that the U.S. and Canada have lost 29% of its birds since 1970 due to cropland expansion and pesticides?

Do you know why using natural, non-synthetic, beneficial products on your garden, houseplants, lawn and any plant that you are tending to, is so important?

When we created Organic Plant Magic it was a culmination of years of efforts, knowledge, and passion to do things differently.  We knew that we could do better!

Why should we?

First of all, let it be known that fertilizer, organic or synthetic, ultimately ends in places other than where it was initially applied.  Yes!  It is true!  High levels of nitrogen and phosphates make their way into our waters, throw off soil pH, affect human health and ultimately the natural balance of our amazing ecosystem and wildlife is sacrificed.

Second, we want to grow amazing plants the truly organic way and only impact our environment in the kindest way possible.  It is possible to have everyone benefit from making the shift!

In the US alone…

Over 20 million tons of fertilizer are applied to our land in one year.

Pesticides are used on 900,000 farms and in 70 million households.

On a per-acre basis, urban dwellers use herbicides at equal rates to those used by farmers for food production.

About 3 pounds of pesticides are used per person, per year.

The EPA estimates that 70 million pounds of pesticides drift from their intended target every year.

How can we do better?

Our solution is humic acid, beneficial microorganisms, kelp,and ingredients that you can trust.

Why humic acid?  It is a transport vehicle for nutrients to travel from your soil to your plants. It holds onto ionized nutrients, preventing them from leaching away (aka ending up in other places)!  When humic acid arrives at the roots, it delivers water and nutrients that the plant needs. It is totally amazing!

Why beneficial microorganisms?  These little gladiators of the soil system are extremely important to our plants health and that of the environment.  They are revered for decomposing organic matter, fixing nitrogen, degrading pesticides, improving soil structure, helping control diseases and they are amazing at recycling carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Why kelp?  It is loaded with micronutrients!  Not to mention that it helps the root systems in your plants uptake nutrients more efficiently, it helps break down plant material, organic matter and anything else that will ultimately help contribute to our soil’s natural structure.  Isn’t that amazing?

What do you think?

We love a happy healthy planet with happy healthy plants and happy healthy people!  We got this!  Truly organic can be easy when you have the right ingredients!