Have you seen some fluffy lil things on your houseplants?

Have you seen some fluffy lil things on your houseplants?

Yes, we are on a roll with houseplant pests lately!  Totally understandable, it’s a bit chilly outside and our indoor plants could use a lil extra love this time of year.

We love all things plants and with plants come pests.

The pest of week is….(oh, the suspense!) MEALYBUGS

Have you seen mealybugs on your indoor plant babies?

Well, look for fluffy lil buggers that reproduce at lightning speed, a female lays 600 eggs at a time and unfortunately they move, slow, but they are on the go unlike some of our other pests.  Oh oh!  Yes, they are so smart and so sneaky that even a human plant parent can miss them, but once you got them, they take over.  So, if you have them on one plant, you probably have them on a few more.

Keep an eye out for white fluffy masses, these are the eggs, under leaves, in the tightest of places and deep down inside new growth. They are an unarmored scale insect and they love to hide. If a plant is touching an infected plant, they will happily stroll on over to the other plant. So, inspect all of your plants.  Remember, insects are always looking for food and a place to lay their eggs.  Your toasty warm home that is out of the elements is perfect for them!  No rain, no wind, no birds, no predators and nothing but a wonderful relaxing vacation awaits them inside your home.  Darn it! Oh, and not to mention, they love pretty much every plant!

How to get rid of them?

Well, grab yourself some cotton swabs and a bottle of rubbing alcohol out of your medicine cabinet and get to work. Dabbing each clump and individual critter with the alcohol is a great start. Hand smooshing, yes, we suggest getting bug goo on your hands, or using a soft cloth to rub them off the leaf surfaces, is another great addition to the routine.  Once you are done, rinse off your plant, inspect well and repeat if necessary.

As with all pests, check your plants every 4-5 days and if needed, treat your plant again.

Remember, keeping your plants happy and healthy will set up a great defense system against pests and diseases!  We always suggest a good feeding regiment and our All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is the perfect solution.  Just a dose once a month and your plants will thank you!

You got this! We know how important your plant babies are to you, good luck!