Growing Indoor Ginger Is Easier Than You May Think

Growing Indoor Ginger Is Easier Than You May Think

Are you missing your garden time?  Dirty hands, warm summer days, and fresh food straight outta the ground?

We are and that is why we wanted to inspire you to bring that green thumb indoors!  No, please don’t fill the spare bedroom with potting soil and start your very own indoor farm, we are talking about one of the yummiest, healthiest, most powerful spices that is much loved across the globe, GINGER!

Read on…

Baby Ginger! Yes!  Right?!?!  Who knew?  We are super excited about this one. It needs heat and humidity to thrive.  Perfect solution...a terrarium.  What a great way to upcycle that old aquarium you found at the thrift store.  It needs to be about 24 inches tall to accommodate the height of the ginger. No terrarium, no worries!  Starting it in a pot that you can cover with plastic wrap until it gets too tall will work too.  There is always a way. Keeping your new ginger babies warm and moist, but not wet, will ensure that you have one of the most amazing indoor ginger harvests ever.  Not to mention, it is also a beautiful plant to have around.

Are you ready?  Gather your pots (6 inch or larger) depending on whether or not you have an old aquarium on hand, fresh organic ginger, well draining nutrient dense potting soil, and plastic wrap.

Start new plants by cutting up store bought ginger.  Organic is best because it hasn’t been treated with growth inhibitors.  Yes, another bonus for growing your own, less synthetic junk on your food.  Another great option is to purchase some online from a reputable grower.  Ginger growing is gaining popularity and there are plenty of great organic sources.

Soak your ginger overnight in a shallow dish of fresh water.  In the morning cut it into 2 inch chunks with at least one knobby bump on each (this is where your shoot will start).

Think of these lil bumps like eyes on a potato.  They are super important to ensure that your ginger has a place to start new growth from.  Isn’t this fun?

Plant each piece into a small 6 inch pot, then place the pots into the terrarium. No terrarium?  Plant in larger pots with about 5 inches between pieces.  Always plant about 2 inches deep and cover with a well draining soil mix that is nutrient dense.  Our Organic Plant Magic Compressed Potting Soil is perfect for this.  You can place stones in the bottom of your terrarium to dress it up a bit.  Place in a warm sunny spot that gets about 8 hours of direct light or you can place under a grow light, another fun purchase, for 16 hours of light.  Keep it well watered, but not wet, and wait for the magic to begin!

Key Points

  1. Ginger needs lots of warmth and humidity.  Indoor winter heating is often dry and hot, but ginger does not like being dry.  Keep your lil babies away from heating ducts, drafts and such.
  2. Use organic ginger!
  3. Ginger is a heavy feeder.  It needs a lot of nutrients. That is why we highly suggest a high quality organic potting soil like ours.
  4. Ginger does not like wet soggy soil.  Well drained is critical.
  5. Ginger needs lots of light.  Do your homework and see where in your home it will get the most natural light, and you can always add in a grow light if needed.

Happy indoor gardening!  We cannot wait to see what you grow next!