Container Garden Success

Container Garden Success

We are so happy that summer is here! The well awaited warm summer days are upon us.

Unfortunately, our potted veggies, flowers and herbs may not always be so happy with extreme summer heat and wind.

That is why we want to share our 5 best tips for ‘Happy Healthy Container Gardening’.

  1. Add a layer of natural mulch to the top of each pot. Look for organic mulches like cocoa hulls, shredded bark and straw. Avoid rocks and inorganic mulches, which absorb more heat. The goal is to keep the moisture in the pots.
  2. Water your containers slowly for a long period of time.This allows the soil to absorb the water, rather than leaching the nutrients and moisture right out the bottom of pots or flooding pots. Hang a hose in larger pots and allow it to trickle for an hour.
  3. Water more often than you would your plants in the ground. Do the ‘pointer finger soil check’ by inserting your pointer finger into the potting soil. You ultimately want to feel about 1 inch of moisture. It may be smart to water daily, and on extremely hot and windy days, twice a day may be necessary.
  4. Do not over fertilize your plants. When they grow rapidly, they absorb more water. Best bet is to fertilize in small amounts every other week.
  5. Choose plants that thrive in pots. Not all plants love it and it may be a waste of money and effort in the long haul. Do your research before you buy. Planning ahead is always a win-win in the garden!

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Happy gardening from the Organic Plant Magic team!