Happy Houseplants

Happy Houseplants

Do you love houseplants?  We do!

While we have been spending countless hours in our gardens, we must remember our trusty indoor plants that bring us happiness all year long.

When was the last time you gave your plants a thorough inspection, upgraded their pots, and gave them a good dose of nutrition? Cannot remember? Then it was too long ago!

No worries, we get it!  Life is busy.

Try these 3 tips to give your houseplants the love they need to grow their best. 

  1. Take time to inspect your houseplants. Remove discolored leaves, dead leaves, damaged leaves, broken stems, and branches, and if you unfortunately have pests or disease, remove the parts of your plants that are most affected. If a disease or pest issue has taken over your plants, isolate that plant from the rest of your plants, treat it, nourish it, and nurse it back to health.
  2. Do you have a plant that has been in the same pot for years? Maybe even in the plastic pot that it came in when you bought it?  Good chance that it is ‘root bound’. What is that? Well, that is when the roots are all in a tight ball with no more room to grow. The roots take up most of the space in the pot and then the roots relay the message to the plant “this is as big as we can grow, do not grow any bigger”. It is smart to occasionally pull plants from their pots, take a peek, upgrade to a larger pot if needed, and top off with new potting soil.
  3. Get in the habit of feeding your plants every month. Most plant issues and even death, can be prevented by ensuring that your plants get the nutrition that they need. Our outdoor plants pull nutrients from the soil and moisture from the air and rainfall, but our indoor friends rely solely upon us to provide it all. Once the nutrients are fully consumed from the potting soil that your plant came in, then it starts to starve. That is why we created our all-purpose organic plant food. It gives your plant everything that it needs to perform it’s very best. Better, brighter, bolder, healthier plants is what you will have to look forward to with every dose of Organic Plant Magic!

Happy House Planting! Your plants will be happy you read on!