National Indoor Plant Week - September 19th - 25th

National Indoor Plant Week - September 19th - 25th


Houseplants have their own special holiday?

National Indoor Plant Week is September 19th - 25th this year.

In honor of our green indoor friends who bring us so much joy, freshen the air we breathe, decrease stress, create oxygen and bring nature into our homes, we wanted to share a few of our “Houseplant How To’s” with you all. 

If you are a houseplant parent or are considering adopting, please consider this…

Each plant is unique and thus requires different light, water schedules and maintenance.  Keep those tags that come in each plant in a small envelope or better yet, hole punch each tag and put them on an old key ring.  You will be happy for a reminder, when you forget which variety you have, how big it may get and “why is my plant struggling” when you put it in the bathroom instead of a sunny windowsill. 

Enjoy our mini watering guide for some of the most popular houseplants

Have you Foliar Fed your houseplants? It is a great way to keep happier, healthier and brighter plants that are more disease and pest resistant and live up to their fullest genetic potential. We love doing this before our plants start struggling. Think of it as preventative medicine for houseplants. Getting in the rhythm of doing this every other month is super smart houseplant care.

May we suggest…

  1. Mix up 1 quart of fertilizer consisting of 32oz water plus 1/2 teaspoon of our Organic Plant Magic all purpose soluble plant food powder. Our plant food will never burn your plants and it is safe for your pets. Win Win!
  2. Pour your mixed 'Magic' into a spray bottle.
  3. Take your plants outside on the lawn or balcony (somewhere that you aren't afraid of getting spray on the surface) but not in direct sunlight, or place them in the shower (this is our favorite way!)
  4. Spray your lil plant friends down! Get under the leaves, on top of the leaves and give them a nice spritz.
  5. Let your plants sit until dry

Besides foliar feeding, When was the last time you fed your houseplants? Hmmmmm? They come in new potting soil that is enriched to feed them for a couple of months and after that, they rely solely upon us to be nourished. We give our houseplants 1 liquid cup of our Organic Plant Magic Plant Food once a month during their regular watering schedule. 

Lastly, do not leave your plants in the plastic pots that they came in. The pot that a plant lives in is like the clothes you wear, invest in something that has some room to grow, is functional, durable (great if you have pets and kiddos), and matches your decor. Remove the old pot, repot your baby into a new one and top off with a bit of healthy organic potting soil. 

Well, there you have it, Happy Houseplanting 101!

We are glad that you love plants as much as we do.  Much love to you, your family and your plants!