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We Are Rooting For You!

By: Angelia Daugirda

We Are Rooting For You!

Did you know that our plants have much more life below the surface than above?  In fact what we see above ground is only about 25%, the other 75% is a beautifully orchestrated system beneath the surface.  What is happening in your soil and roots is truly magical.

Without getting too sciency here, we want to help you help your plants build better root systems.  With better roots, we can increase yield, grow beautiful, healthy plants, reduce fertilizer use, make a positive impact on pollution reduction, and promote soil health.  

How can we make that all happen at home?   Well, here are a few of our suggestions…


  • Feed Your Soil:   By adding organic matter to your soil, the plants will ultimately benefit from it, and the soil and all of its friends, the entire microbial community, root systems, earthworms, insects and more, will too.  Incorporating aged manures, composts, kelp, decaying organic matter and worm castings will do just that. 


  • Leave That Dirt Alone:  Stop tilling, digging deep and disturbing your soil.  Yes!  That is right.  The less you disturb the natural soil of your garden, the more life underground can thrive and expand, and the less carbon that is lost.   Look for no till or reduced till options.  Bonus:  you won’t spend hours toiling over ‘working your soil’, but rather minimal time and thus ‘healing your soil’. 


  • Ditch The Synthetic Junk:  Ween your plants, indoor and outdoor, off of synthetic fertilizers and growth promoters.  These create a reliance on the fertilizer for growth, but are not long lasting and without it, your plants health depends on constantly using a ‘drug’ to keep it growing.  Happy soil equals happy plants.  Feed the soil and your plants will get all the nutrients that they need naturally.   Win win!


  • Be A Carbon Farmer (indoors and outdoors):  Hahahahaha!  We can only imagine the look on your face right now!  What?  Carbon?  I thought that I was reading this to grow amazing plants. Yes, you are AND you can help keep, sequester, carbon in the soil. This is a hot topic lately.  The more carbon that we can keep in the soil, the healthier our ecosystem will be and the less there will be in the outer environment causing imbalances.  By adding Humic Acid to your soil, you can help the soil ‘sequester’ carbon!  It is as easy as that.  Along with everything we suggested above, you can be the best Home Carbon Farmer ever!


We created our All Purpose Organic Plant Magic plant food to help Plant Lovers like you do the right thing with ease.  We added humic acid, worm castings, kelp, beneficial microorganisms and more, all in one easy to use package.  Our planet, our wildlife, our plants, our families and all things living will be grateful that you are taking good care of the soil!

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