"What do I do with this poinsettia?"

"What do I do with this poinsettia?"

Are you the proud yet confused seasonal plant parent of a new poinsettia?   Everyone has one in their house this time of year, but how do we really keep them looking pretty for the next month, two months, three months…?

No way?  Yes way!  “Wait wait wait!  You mean you have to water them and they aren’t just compostable Holiday decorations?”  Yes and no!  Poinsettias can even grow outdoors in the warmer longer days of summer. Crazy, huh!

Did you know that they change color in response to the shorter winter days?

Did you know that they are native to Mexico?

Did you know that they are not poisonous to pets or humans, but the sticky white sap may cause skin irritation?

Did you know that the flowers are really not flowers at all, but rather modified leaves, and the tiny cluster of yellow in the middle are actually the flowers?

Now you know!

Want to keep your poinsettias looking pretty and bright for a few months, may even until summer?

Try this…

Poinsettias need bright indoor light. Place your new plant in a south, east or west facing window.

65-70 degrees fahrenheit is perfect. Avoid placing poinsettias where temperature fluctuates or may be drying, such as near cold drafts, heat ducts, fireplaces, fans, space heaters, etc. Any temperatures below 50 degrees fahrenheit will damage the plant and freezing temperatures will kill poinsettias.

They need moist, not drenched and definitely not dry soil.  Place your poinsettia in the sink, let the water trickle, water thoroughly and then let it drain the excess water.

Note:  *remove decorative foil around the pot before water and replace once fully drained.*

Continue watering through March.

Fertilize with an all purpose plant food monthly.  Our Organic Plant Magic All Purpose Plant Food is perfect for this. We suggest mixing up 1 tablespoons of powder with 1 gallon of water and fully drench your poinsettia.  You will definitely have extra, go ahead and feed all of your indoor plants!

Plant Love Tip:  feed your houseplants once a month with our plant food for amazing long lasting results!

By this point, it is probably late January and you should have a beautiful bright poinsettia living in your home.  What’s next?  Well, Prune off faded and dried parts of the plant, add more potting soil if the roots are visible, and continue keeping your plant in a bright, sunny spot.  Keep this up until you want to transplant it into a new pot, or directly into your outdoor garden.

There you have it!  Poinsettias are not just that bright red Holiday Plant that is disposable.  It can bring months and months of beauty into your home and even into your garden!