What makes Organic Plant Magic so magical?

What makes Organic Plant Magic so magical?

We love all Plant Lovers!  From the budding Plant Parent to the seasoned Organic Farmer to the Backyard Gardening Enthusiast, we created Organic Plant Magic with EVERYONE in mind, even our planet!

Why did we choose the ingredients that we did?  Well, we stand by a few solid principles that would explain a few things about our mission at Organic Plant Magic…

  • Organic You Can Trust
  • Good For All
  • Non-Toxic
  • Superior Results
  • Best part, all of our ingredients are all of those things and MORE!

    Here’s the dirt (hahaha nerdy gardener joke) on some of our SUPER ingredients…

    Beneficial Microorganisms:

    Helpful microbes are scientifically proven to increase the performance of healthy soil.  Beneficial microorganism build healthy nutritious soil, feed plants continuously on-demand, grow strong beautiful vibrant plants, prevent drought, stress, pest and disease, optimize plant growth and development, maximize plant productivity and production, and amplify plant vibrance, vigor, vitality, color, flavor, taste, fragrance, and aroma,  Holy smokes!  Isn’t that amazing!  It is like having a gazillion little workers that only want the best for your plants!  That is why we formulated every one of our products to contain these amazing microorganisms.

    Humic Acid:

    This is an important component of soil health. It has been found that it is a biological electromagnet that weakly holds and stores massive amounts of both positively and negatively charged elements, including all macro, micro, and trace elements, as well as water, making them readily available to plants.  If this sounds like high school science class, well it kind of is, but we make it simple!  We love humic acid and it is one of the heavy hitters in all of our products.  Plants need a variety of nutrients, some so so so small that traditional fertilizers completely miss the mark by only providing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Humic acid is a big picture kind of SUPER ingredient!  It covers every single need that a happy healthy plant needs no matter how big or how small the element is!  It truly is SUPER!


    It is a valuable organic source of trace minerals and cytokinin, a naturally occurring plant growth hormone responsible for cell division, rapid growth rates and healthy plant development.  There are more than 55 trace minerals contained naturally in kelp, making it an amazing SUPER food for plants.  It helps build immunity, increasing a plants natural defense against disease, pest, stressors and even helps plants withstand dramatic temperature swings.  Though not all 55+ trace minerals are ‘essential’ for your plant, they play a huge role in promoting good health for both your plants and your soil!  We use this SUPER ingredient in all of our products, and for good reason, kelp is truly a gift from Mother Nature to all Plant Lovers and their Plant Babies!

    Worm Castings:

    Organic matter is rich in all plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.  Worm Castings are a lotta bang for the buck! We use castings in our Compressed Soil to help increase proper water retention, improve soil structure, improve soil aeration and help anchor the nutrients, which are usually washed away when watering,  that our plants need to thrive. Can you imagine what this along with more amazing ingredients can potentially do for your plants?  Amazing things for sure!

    Coconut Coir:

    Highly stable, organic matter that is capable of holding large amounts of water inside, while simultaneously allowing proper air and gas exchange.  Wow!  It really is MAGIC!  Roots will not grow where there is no air!  Healthy soil should contain about 25% air.  Wishful thinking that this is always the case, with coconut Coir plus the other SUPER ingredients in Organic Plant Magic it is!  It does maintain healthy percentages of all essential components and it is easy to use and manage!  Winning!  Not to mention, it is lightweight and it magically expands with water.  No need to store huge messy bags of potting soil when you have some Organic Plant Magic Compressed Soil in the house!

    Now you know!  We love all things plants and better yet, we love educating, sharing and inspiring.

    May you grow amazing things!  We are here for you!