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Why Truly Organic?

How does Organic Plant Magic Define Organic?

  • Zero Chemicals
  • Zero Toxic Ingredients
  • Zero Synthetic Ingredients
  • Zero Harm
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Great Results & Safe for Kids, Pets and the Earth

We saw such incredible growth after mowing and spraying this on the grass plugs that we purchased again in a larger quantity to assist our fruit trees and strawberry plants too. We are very pleased and appreciate that we can spray while dogs and toddlers are outside as well - nothing harmful or toxic.

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Ben F Soluble Plant Food

It Expands... Like A Lot!!

This is a great way to enrich my planting soil. It's very lightweight, and expands as stated. I mixed it in with some native soil and leftover potting soil to fill new pots for roses. My plants loved it. We saw new growth within days. This bag is easy to store as well. I highly recommend for anyone looking to treat their plants.

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Karen W Compressed Soil

Spoil Your Plants with This Healthy Soil

When I first received this soil, I thought to myself that the bag was small. But once I added water to the soil, it was really impressive how much soil came out of it! I have been growing plants from seeds and I love how this soil has helped them germinate quickly. They are thriving!!! I'm already on my second bag and I will continue to order this magical soil.

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Jared B Compressed Soil

Spreadable and Easy

I've used fertilizer in the past, but I had to use gloves and I was always afraid of my pets getting their little noses in it. This organic spreadable fertilizer was so much easier and saved me so much stress. I just grabbed a handful straight out of the bag and tossed it over my plants and grass. Fido was even running around as I was working. The bag is really large too!

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Abby F Spreadable Plant Food

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein
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Organic Origins

Planting The Seeds of Change

Here at Organic Plant Magic, we knew that if things were to change on this planet, then it needed to start with us. It’s important to do the right thing for ALL! What we didn't want…toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, and pretty much anything that looks like a high school chemistry class project. What we did want… safe for everyone, organic, chemical free. In order to get there, everything needed to be looked at differently.

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Our Belief

Working Together With Mother Nature

While being organic sounds like a good effort, it still doesn’t mean that modern organic methods follow traditional organic farming ideals that have been fostered for nearly a century, like adding organic matter, green manures, compost, and other beneficials, all while promoting the idea of working with nature, not against her! Not to mention, resulting in amazing plants that surpass all others.

Organic Plant Magic believes in feeding, healing, nourishing, supporting and reinforcing a natural system that has been set in motion well before humans came into existence. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, there is no need to redefine ‘Organic’, rather take it to the next level! This is the place where science and nature come together!

Organic Plant Magic's product lineup including compressed soil, spreadable plant food, and soluble plant food

Simply Organic

The Roots of Organic Farming

Truly Organic for Organic Plant Magic means that we have gone back to the roots of organic farming, took everything and everyone into consideration, and formulated scientifically proven products that make going truly organic easy and good for ALL!